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Brittany's Clozet

Brittany's Clozet

Welcome to our style blog! Every month we plan to profile style influencers who we've identified as essential fashionistas! We will choose women who are leading the charge and giving thousands of followers style direction plus inspiration daily. They will be women who exude positivity, and a powerful sense of self. They will encourage and uplift with a unique flair. We begin with Brittany Williams, AKA @LoveBStyle
CE: How would you describe your personal style? @LoveBStyle: My style is definitely feminine chic. I love clothes that not only are stylish but versatile as well. I'm the queen of wearing a piece of clothing a variety of ways to get the most use out of it! I also love incorporating trends into my wardrobe as well. It helps to keep it fresh and fun!
CE: You’ve developed a strong following, what do you believe connects so many people to your style/brand? @LoveBStyle: My authenticity and creative ways I can style pieces. My How To Style videos are the most popular pieces of content I create. I think people love getting new ideas on how to style certain pieces of clothing.
CE: What are your style essentials this winter? @LoveBStyle: A bomb winter coat, platform boots, joggers (I mean since outside is closed might as well be comfy!), turtleneck bodysuits (gives you options and perfect for layering) and chocolate brown pieces!
CE: What do you like/love about the ClozetEssentials look you’re featuring? @LoveBStyle: I love how the pieces can be layered and yet be two totally different pieces to wear as well. I live for versatility so having them both means I have about 5 outfits in one!
Follow Brittany Williams on Instagram: @LoveBStyle for more tips and pics!!